This is a list of interesting guide books or books related to cyclism, itineraries and our beautiful region. Titles have been mainly collected thanks to our former customers’ suggestions.

Bicycle Touring in Tuscany
By: David Cleveland
Publisher Chainring Press, 2005
ISBN 0975500201
Contents: Tour through olive groves and vineyards, explore monasteries and castles, stop at roadside cafes for an espresso, or step into a trattoria to sample the antipasto. Central Italy offers the perfect combination of scenery, culture, and cuisine and quiet, sometimes challenging riding. Discover why this region is a favorite destination for cyclists. It contains everything you need to plan a bicycle tour of Tuscany, Umbria, and the Marches.
-What to bring
-Where to go
-How to transport your bike
-How to ride away from the airport
-Eight tours for all abilities
-Detailed maps of every daily route
Florentine Cycling Routes
19+1 itineraries for racing bikes
Matteo Pierattini

The area surrounding Florence lends itself perfectly for cycling, competitive as well as for leisure: rolling or rugged hills, plains, gentle or harsh mountains and terrible climbs create a perfect open- air cycling gym, which contains, within pedal distance, an extraordinary variety of “terrains” for training and competition.

This is a natural home to cycling and always has been: just think of the great champions like Gino Bartali, Fiorenzo Magni, Gastone Nencini who were born and have trained for years on these roads. But that is not all; from Florence it is possible to reach unique places in a short time, enriching the rides with breath-taking views and masterpieces of art and architecture.

In this guide, nineteen road cycling routes that pass through four distinct geographical areas, which are located around the capital of Tuscany: Chianti, Mugello, the Florentine Mountains, Montalbano and
Val di Pesa are presented and described.

Each itinerary also includes planimetries and elevation graphics, designed for a rapid, safe and easy un-derstanding of the route, both while planning as during the tour itself. The size of the booklet is designed to adapt to the back pockets of your cycling clothes, for easy transport and real-time consultation.

ISBN: 978-88-6315-519-8
15×21 cm • 96 pages • 120 pics • softcover

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30026 Portogruaro VE
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Online library collecting bike itineraries throughout Italy

Cycling in Italy 336 pages
Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications (July 2003)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1740593154
ISBN-13: 978-1740593151
Do every ride in this book & you’ll have 103 days of Italy’s finest cycling – including Sicily & Sardinia. There are tips on buying & maintaining a bike & where to find a local bike repairer. Has elevation charts, 55 detailed route maps, and fabulousfood listings; tells where to stay – from camping grounds to pensiones & hotels

Italy By Bike: 105 Tours from the Alps to Sicily
Publisher: Touring Club Italiano
ISBN: 8836529380 in English
ISBN: 8836529372 in German
Description: This new guide describes 105 itineraries covering all of Italy and cut out for both beginners as well as more expert cyclists. Each route has an average length of 30/50 miles that can be covered within one day, and is accompanied by color pictures, technical details (length, difference in heights, suggested season), description of the landscape, historical and artistic outlines, as well as other useful information and a schematic cartography showing the area and the route. TCI also produces folded maps and atlases.

Cycling Atlas Tuscany
EAN: 9783850001199
Publisher: Esterbauer
Scale: 1:100,000
Year: 2002
Comments: Cycleguide and map. Vineyards, Cypresses, olive trees and the sea – Tuscany’s landscape has been renowned for its beauty throughout the ages. Some of the most famous cultural treasures in the world are found here, in the cities of Florence, Pisa, Siena or San Gimignano. This guide includes precise maps, reliable route descriptions, city and town maps, references to regional cultural events and tourist information, and a complete index of overnight accommodations. This book contains all of the information you need for a successful cycling tour in Tuscany.

Pedalabile Beat
Romance about feelings and cyclism
Autore: Fagioli Massimo
Language: Italian
Publisher: Giraldi
Pages: 344
ISBN: 8889435747
Edit in year: 2006

Andiamo in Bici in Toscana
28 itineraries in cooperation with Liquigas
Editore Istituto geografico De Agostini
EAN : 9788841831212
Language: Italian
Contents: For every cyclist who likes touring this book offers 28 itineraries described by Gianfranco Bracci, writer, photographer and envinoremental guide. 8 easy itineraries facili on flat roads and bike lanes, suitable to families with children. 12 mid-difficulty routes and 8 difficult routes for the most trained.

Florence and its surroundings. From another point of view
By Ficcarelli Veronica
Publisher: Giunti Editore
Edit in year: 2006
ISBN: 8809047907