Do you need a bike while in Florence?

Buy a brand new one and we will buy it back when you leave!
Florence by bike conceived “Need@bike” program especially for students, teachers or anybody else who stays in Florence for a  long period and needs a comfortable and cheap way to move around.
Florence by Bike gives you this great opportunity!
You get a brand new single speed bike, unisex, with basket at the very good price of €135,00

At the end of your stay you will be able to keep the bike with you, to do a gift, sell it to someone, or sell it back to us.
Without any obligation from you, we propose to buy your bike back with the following conditions:


  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 3 months
  • 4 months
  • 5 months

Purchase price in Euro

  • 55.00 €
  • 45.00 €
  • 40.00 €
  • 35.00 €
  • 30.00 €

We strongly suggest that you also buy a safe lock to protect the bike from thieves.
The security level of the lock you purchase depends on your own situation and we will be happy to listen to your needs to help you to choose the most suitable lock.

Unfortunately we can not buy it back but we offer  a 20% discount on all locks branded Abus, of each variety and level of security.

Please contact us for more information or call us +39 055 488992