Florence is certainly a must for culture, but if you need to get away from the churches, museums
and crowds, and you need to breath fresh air and want to see amazing landscapes…you just need to
choose the right sort of bike and the best direction to take!

MOUNTAIN BIKE are conceived for rough roads, but they also give the right gearing to allow you
to access the Tuscan Hills in safety and with low rental costs. They are not equipped with odometer
or racks, so bring your backpack to let you carry your personal belongings.
TOURING BIKE are the best and only choice for multi day trips, as they are very comfortable and
stromg racks can carry panniers. They are also equipped with odometer. Wheels and tires are also a
good option for riding on White (dirt) roads.

RACE BIKE are full carbon, light and ready to assist you to your performance riding up and down
our amazing hilly landscape.
E-BIKES make your climbing easier giving you the chance to see much more, always pedalling!
Choose the right one!