Cycling in town is the best option, as Florence is not a huge city so many highlights are close to
each other.
No parking problems and bikes are also allowed to enter all pedestrian areas.
It is also a cheap, comfortable mean of transportation, easy to use.
For city rides we mainly suggest renting a single speed CITY BIKE, which is perfect for riding in
town, as Florence is mainly flat.
If your plan is to extend your visit to Piazzale Michelangiolo, we still suggest renting a city bile,
because it often allows you to climb the mile to the view point without a huge effort.
Additionally, it relieves the fear of having the bike stolen.
As a matter of fact, a better bike with speeds would make things easier, but you would also need much more protection from thieves.

Families can choose among front child seats (up to 2 years old), back child seats(up to 20kilos), a
tag along bike, or bikes for children.

The famous BROMPTON FOLDING BIKES are suitable to ride in town. Moreover, they are less
likely stolen, as you can keep them with you always.
E-bikes (cycles with pedal assistance) are available for rental for riding in town for the most
possible comfort, or for anyone’s need to have an electric assistance in addition to your own
pedaling efforts.

Florence by bike staff will be happy to assist you in your choice!

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